"When you purchase one of our fantastic kits you also acquire a 'silent partner' with the main differences being that we do not receive or charge a salary and have no say in decisions about your business."

Terry George, Gold Solutions




Free customer support

Gold Solutions provide the ultimate in business building support available in the UK today. We know what issues you need to address when you start a new business.

There are 2 main areas in gold plating that must be overcome, which are, 'how to electroplate different metals with different plate finishes' (Gold Silver etc.) and 'how do you sell these services to the general public AND to the trade'

As far as the practical side of electroplating is concerned you will receive with your kit a complete owners manual on how to both brush and tank plate. We also have professional platers who will guide you through the various processes whenever you need to address them providing we have a telephone number - and we will even call you!

We help you to sell your own services - for FREE!

As explained, practical plating issues are only one half of the equation. To be successful you must be also able to sell your services or gold plated products to both the trade and direct to the general public. Unlike most sales/service based areas marketing gold plated products and services is a completely different process and MUST be addressed

This is one business where media advertising is almost pointless as products/services must be SEEN to generate sales. These matters are dealt with by providing a second manual that will also come with your kit on these marketing issues, and then with the same telephone/email support that is provided for practical plating issues

All of this is FREE of charge

when you buy a kit from us
you are not alone...

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