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"When you purchase one of our fantastic kits you also acquire a 'silent partner' with the main differences being that we do not receive or charge a salary and have no say in decisions about your business."

Terry George, Gold Solutions



Start A Gold Plating Business

Earn £50 per hour full/part time with no experience necessary!
We show you how you will earn in excess of £50 per hour...

How many times have you seen claims of easy ways lots of making money, the trouble is that it is never clear and believable HOW. We will show you with just 2 examples of how you will - believably - earn way in excess of this...

Gold plated ipodCase study 1 - Gold plating luxury gadgets such as Ipods
Gold plated Ipods are just beginning to take off and you would normally pay between £30 and £100 to have an APPLE ipod touch gold plated It takes 15 minutes to plate one and uses about £3.50 gold solution If you charged just £40 for this service and did 4 in one hour you would make a net profit (after taking off the cost of the gold solution) of £126


Gold plated car badgesCase study 2 - Gold plating luxury car badges
Gold plated badges on a Lexus car normally cost over £200 (normally 4 badges) from the dealer. It takes just 40 minutes to plate these badges and costs about £10 in gold solution. If you charged a dealer or private individual just £80 for this service you would make a profit (after taking off the cost of the gold solution) of £70 in 40 minutes and this equates to £105 per hour

These are just 2 examples from the many thousands of items that can be gold plated and are in EVERYONES homes You need no experience to do this and can work full or part time with very little capital outlay

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Gold plated ipod

Gold plated Ipod

Gold plated car badges

Gold plated car badges

Gold plated XBox 360

Gold plated XBox 360 Facia

Gold Plated IPods and beyond!

Gold plating is booming at the moment - with more and more people wanting to personalise their IPods, IPhones, XBox's and other must have gadgets. But this is just the start; with the right knowledge, equipment almost anything metal can be gold plated.

It does not have to be gold either, Gold Solutions offer services and equipment to enable you to electroplate existing metal items in a range of finishes including Gold, Silver and Chrome.

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