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Can you? How do I?

If you are thinking of starting your own gold plating business, or if you have a question about Gold Solutions own services, here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Gold Plating (FAQ's)

Can you plate Aluminium?

Aluminium is conductive and can be electroplated but the problem is that Aluminum oxidizes after pretreatment so that an immersion plating process with zincate is necessary before plating, and while this is certainly widely done, it is more problematic and somewhat less reliable than plating onto other metals. Practice is required before offering commercial services on this metal

Can you plate items in-situ?

You can plate, for instance the badges on a car or the taps in a bathroom WITHOUT having to remove them. Because you are using our electroplating kit the chemicals will not plate the paintwork or bumpers on a car or the bath or tiles in a bathroom. Once you have finished you just wipe down the finished area with tissue and you have completed the job

Can you plate NON-conductive items?

All electroplating requires a metal conductive surface to carry the low electrical current that enables the plating process to occur. Therefore the only accessible way that NON-conductive items can be plated is to coat them with a conductive PAINT. This is normally Copper based or Silver based but must be stressed that the process is NOT straightforward and requires some practice

Do you offer support AFTER I buy?

Once you have purchased one of our gold plating kits you automatically are included in our free online and telephone support service. You can email us with any questions you may have or give us your telephone number and we will call you and talk you through your query, whether it be a technical problem or a marketing question. We can even carry out tests on any products that you may have problems with free of charge

How can I sell my services to the trade?

All you need to do to sell to the trade is offer a trade GOLD plating service to them. This would be done by them simply displaying one or more of their products at the point of sale that have been GOLD plated. Once a customer makes a purchase of ANY of their products the retailer can simply enquire as to whether they would like it GOLD plated. If so the retailer would call you and arrange for you to collect the item for plating. This way you are not involved in the SALES process and effectively have an active SALES TEAM working for you. This could be in areas such as New car sales, Bathroom fittings, Mobile phones, iPods, Golf clubs and much more.

Is it easy to gold plate?

Gold plating is the easiest of all the different plating processes. This also means that the process of gold plating, as opposed to silver, chrome, nickel, and copper, has the added benefit of being the most popular AND produces the most income to the Operator. All you have to remember is that 'what you start with, you finish with' meaning if you gold plate a metal item that has a dull flat finish you will get the same dull flat finish in gold. If you gold plate a shiny reflective metal then you will get a shiny reflective gold finish.

Is the gold expensive?

It costs a small amount to plate metal, for example to plate the back of an Apple IPod costs about £3.50 but you can charge over £30 for this service. To gold plate a set of 4 car badges costs about £10 but generates about £100 in charges. Gold is the most malleable and ductile metal; a single gram can be beaten into a sheet of one square meter, or an ounce into 300 square feet

What other finishes can I plate with using the GS500 machine?

The fantastic GS500 can be used for both BRUSH plating and TANK plating and will plate

  • GOLD

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How much can I earn doing this?

Earnings in excess of £50 per hour are normal and, as an example, if you were plating APPLE ipods (Touch or Classic) then they would each take about 15 minutes to do and use £3.50 in gold solution. This means you could plate 4 in 1 hour at a total cost of £14 for gold solution, if you only charged £30 each for this service (the norm is between £30 and £60 each) you would receive £120 for all 4 ipods. If you deduct your gold solution costs of £14 you are left with a massive £106 - FOR 1 HOURS WORK.

To gold plate a set of car badges costs about £8 in gold solution and takes about 40 minutes. ven if you took 1 hour and charged just £85 for this (which is a trade price) then you will have earned £77. Virtually ALL metals can be electroplated (Aluminium can be a bit difficult) and the range of normal everyday items that come within this requirement is enormous

Once people have seen items plated with pure 24k gold, but discover that the prices are much less than they ever thought,  then they begin to think of things either for themselves or for unique gifts and presents for someone else. Add to the millions of people who already OWN this type of product the tens of thousands of shops who currently cannot offer these products gold plated and you have a market that is just waiting for someone to service it

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